Dedlok News

Recording has begun!!! (16-Aug-2011)

The time for talking is over. Dedlok have started to record an album. The carnage is being orchestrated at Warehouse Studios by a certain Kyle Mundy. Many thanks to him for his impressive preparation and hard work.

The drums have been committed to Radar. However, such is their ferocity that they are being restrained magnetically. Kyle said,

Kick drum ain't kicky enough for the mighty Dedlok, so I put a kick drum on his kick drum so the kick drum kicks the shit out of you harder!.

Hmmmmm, wise words.

::John ;->

New webpage is up! (2-Aug-2011)

Welcome to the new Dedlok webpage. Since mySpace has died a horrible, protacted death it was about time we got our own website up and running again.

So this is the prototype (trumpets, please). It's a work in progress. I'm not a web designer so a lot of this I'm figuring out! There's a still a huge amount to do - but it's a start.

Anyways, please have a look around.

::John ;->